On September 16, 2008, our lives were forever changed when James Wilson (J.W.) entered the world. He is a living miracle who has touched our hearts and revealed to us the greatness of God. This is his amazing story.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Day we have been praying for...

The day we have long awaited for came yesterday, Monday, December 29. It has been close to four months since JW made his way into this world with such a dramatic entrance and he finally made it home (Grammy and Poppy's house temporarily). We had tried to 'room in' with him a couple of weeks ago and he told us it just wasn't time for him to come home. 
We went to stay with him on Saturday in hopes of leaving the hospital with him. Everything went smoothly, we learned about everything he would need and how to care for him. We made it through the night and then Sunday and then boom, came Monday. We were finally discharged, with my Aunt Becky, Uncle David and Cousin Kim there to see us off. It was a beautiful day, one of the best in my life. Thank you to all of you that kept our family in your thoughts and prayers. I am amazed at the progress JW had made in the last few months. Please continue to pray for us and JW as we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Thanks to God who has watched over our family and touched our lives with beautiful blessings, especially now, having JW at home. 
Lots of love and great thanks,

P.S. As excited as I was to be bringing JW home and trying to make sure I had everything... I forgot the camera! I know I should remember a camera especially having worked at the newspaper. So anyway, we had to buy a disposable camera and I have yet to be able to develop them, but.... when I do, I will definitely put the pics up on the blog.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Pics From Aunt Lindy's Camera!

Finally, some long awaited, recent photos of our little guy.  He looks VERY different from those first-time photos!  He is growing and looking more like a little boy every day!  The next couple of weeks will be very critical for JW, Allie, and all of our family as we prepare for him to come home from the hospital and tend to all our holiday plans.  Please be praying specifically for JW's continued healing, our family's strength and perseverance, and wisdom and discernment for JW's doctors.  Your prayers have made such a huge impact thus far, but JW still has a long road ahead.  Also, be praying for Wacy as he is currently at the Border Patrol Academy.  Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more updates!

~JW's Aunt Lindy

Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's getting closer....

Our precious little boy is getting closer everyday to coming home to his family.
Today, he weighs 6lbs, 4oz. He is doing well on his new g-tube. He is also off all oxygen and air through a nasal cannula.
Also, today he was moved back into the special care nursery in preparation for myself and Grammy to stay over night with him on Sunday.
We will be taking care of him, with nurse guidance, for a full 24 hours. We have to learn how to do everything the nurses do for him. I am not sure yet exactly when he will be able to come home, but we are definately getting closer. I believe it will be sometime this week. I just don't know what day.
Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for James Wilson. We still have a long road ahead of us, but it will be better for him once he gets home.
Please continue to pray for God to heal our precious little one so he may have a full recovery.
P.S. I didn't get any pics of him when I was there last, my camera would not work. So.... new pictures soon, I promise.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What a sweet angel...

I finally got to go see the growing boy on Tuesday, after not seeing him for 2 weeks! The poor little guy must have thought he had been abandoned. I had gone one weekend to see Wacy, started working again, to which now I am not. With the news of him coming home soon I said bon voyage to the paper. I also had come down with a cold, so I didn't want to expose him until I was completely over it. 
Anyway, JW is again in a crib, yeah! He weighe
d 6 pounds, 2 ounces yesterday. He has stayed over 6 pounds but does go up and down still. 
We were introduced to a milk pumping machine that will
 feed him when he gets home. That was interesting. We have so much to learn in a few weeks. 
He is doing well otherwise. They did a test on his liver
 because he is still a little jaundice. The are going to do a few more tests to find out exactly what is going on to cause that. 
We are looking at a couple more weeks and hopefull
y everything will go well, we won't have any more set backs and he will finally get to come home. 
Thank you for the prayers, thoughts and please keep th
em coming. We are getting closer and closer everyday to him coming home to his siblings. 
Here are some pics of him taken on Tuesday, the first one was taken by one of the nurses at Santa Rosa. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Whopping 6lbs, 4oz.!!

JW's doctor called me yesterday with an update. This week hopefully the orthopedist will look at his hips and decide what to do, whether it be a cast, brace, etc. He is also looking at him coming home in the next couple of weeks. Everything else is pretty much the same, he still has the nasal cannula with just an airflow. He is gaining weight very well, actual weight not water weight. Yesterday he weighed as mentioned in the title, 6lbs, 4oz. More to come as he grows and God blesses him.