On September 16, 2008, our lives were forever changed when James Wilson (J.W.) entered the world. He is a living miracle who has touched our hearts and revealed to us the greatness of God. This is his amazing story.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey guys! Wow, the last title on the blog continues to be true. We are going on four weeks in the hospital!! ahhh. Nothing serious though, he is just taking FOREVER to wean off the oxygen. He is doing great other wise.

On Thursday morning, JW will be going into surgery for a port-a-cath. This is a small surgery that will only last about an hour, but will be under general anesthesia and be put on a ventilator with all specialist at hand. This port will help with medical emergencies and blood draws, etc. so he will not have to be stuck a million times only to not get an IV. To check out some info click the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_(medical

We are currently on 2 1/2 liters of oxygen we still need to come off of that and recover from the small surgery and we'll be able to come home! YAY! It's been so long, poor little boy. He does however, get a lot of attention from the staff in the PIMC unit. They fight over who gets to take him for the shift.

Here are a few pics.. one includes JW's nurse Chris, who is wonderful and so special to our family. She was able to go with us one visit. Not leaving out other wonderful nurse out, Crystal is also awesome and very special to our family. but she has not been able to go with us yet. It's her turn next. Enough talk, here are the photos...