On September 16, 2008, our lives were forever changed when James Wilson (J.W.) entered the world. He is a living miracle who has touched our hearts and revealed to us the greatness of God. This is his amazing story.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Appointment day tomorrow...

Tomorrow we have a big day ahead of us. We will be doing a second car seat study to try to get the growing boy into a regular car seat. He is currently in what is called a car bed, just a flat car seat that rides sideways in the vehicle. Please pray that the Lord will give JW the strength to be in the regular car seat, otherwise, it will be an ambulance ride anytime we have to go anywhere. He will have to prove to the doctors that he can handle being at the 45 degree angle for 1 1/2 hours(the time it takes to get to S.A. from Uvalde).

We also have an appointment at the feeding clinic, which will once again assess his ability to handle his extra secretions and swallow. We are praying hard for this one also!

The last two weeks, he has been doing awesome!! Not having to suction as often.

We also see the neurologist for his botox treatment tomorrow, I have very mixed feelings about this procedure. It has done wonders for his tight muscle tone, but we still aren't sure if it caused his respiratory problems shortly after the last injections. I pray God will give me the wisdom to decide what to do in the best interest of JW.

Well, as most of you know, WE HAVE MOVED! Finally, it was a chore getting JW moved. Compared to his stuff, the rest of the house was a breeze. The problem with his stuff, is that you had to know exactly where everything was, but with the help of my mom and dad and our nurse, Albert, we got it done.

We are happily settling into our beautiful home God has blessed us with.

Tristin has adjusted to changing schools near the end of the year very well. She loves it. I am so glad things went smoothly with that.

I am adjusting to being a full time mom at home! Ahhhh! Just kidding, I actually have more time to keep the house clean, wash clothes, all of that good stuff that we love doing. Not to mention more time to spend with the kids.

Occassionally, I have to call my adopted sister Leigh, or make a trip to Brackett to chat it up. I don't get very much socializing in Uvalde yet.

Anyhow, we love where we are at and love being a family again.

Thanks to my parents and my sis Lindy to all they have done to help us during the most hectic time in our lives. love you guys!

Here are some cute pics of JW, now 7 months old!! oh! I almost forgot, We have been home now for ..... I am starting to lose track it has been so long... I think 7 weeks going on 8. Hooray! Praise the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers for our little boy, they are certainly working on this little miracle. We see improvements every day as he grows stronger with love and strength God and his family gives to him.
- Allie

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Cheese for the Camera!

We have made it 4 weeks without any emergency trips of any kind! Praise the Lord!!!

JW is weighing over 11 pounds and has been doing well on a small percentage of oxygen. We had to bump his oxygen up some for a couple of weeks to maintain his saturation level above 93 percent.

We had an appointment with the eye clinic at santa rosa... good news... JW can see better than me! That was such a blessing.

He is near sighted, just like his mommy and his sight in his left eye is minus 3 and minus 4 in the right eye. He will need to have corrective lenses in the future.

We also had our last Synagis shot which helps protect him from RSV, a virus that could be deadly should he catch it. It has such a horrible effect on baby's respiratory system and with his not having a strong system anyway, it wouldn't be good.

Thankfully we have been virus free.

On April 9th we will have our follow up appointment with the ortho doctor about his dislocated hips and have some answers to all of our questions in that subject. We will also have an audiology appointment to see how well he hears. We definitely know he hears loud noises. He wakes up from a sound sleep even when I walk into his room talking on the phone. Please say a prayer for those appointments, pray that we have all good news concerning these two issues.

Finally, I have a beautiful photo for you of this cute little boy smiling!!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and for your support and strength you have given our family.
I know I repeat myself on that one, but we are so appreciative of everything everyone has done that I feel I need to say it.
Please continue to pray for this precious little boy and may God continue to heal him from his rough entry into this world.
We have come a long way on God's road, it has been bumpy here and there but thankfully it is smoothing out for now.
Love and Faith,