On September 16, 2008, our lives were forever changed when James Wilson (J.W.) entered the world. He is a living miracle who has touched our hearts and revealed to us the greatness of God. This is his amazing story.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2nd Birthday!

This post is way overdue! I have been so far behind in blogging, altogether. In the last post about James, he had been in the hospital and some big decisions were made about his long-term care. Well, praise be to God...He was willing and since then, JW has been doing so well!! I know my sister and her family are especially thankful for this reprieve from the all-too-frequent trips to the children's hospital and Air Life flights. Not only did we have his early birthday celebration in August, but we celebrated his real birthday in September and now Christmas! We are certainly hoping 2011 will be better all-around and so far things are certainly looking hopeful for that to be the case. He has had two very minor trips to the hospital since August...not by ambulance though and was out within a couple of days. Once, he didn't even have to have an IV!! Since then things have been going very well. Here are some photos from his August birthday celebration. A big thank you to all who were in attendance and for all of you who keep him covered in prayer. God has heard you and has been so incredibly faithful!

~Aunt Lindy

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